Firefighters were monitored during a live-fire drill (October, 2016).

Five firefighters were continuously monitored during at least 2 hours while performing a live-fire drill. Environmental data was also collected.

They were subjected to high temperatures inside a house, leading to a big effort from the firefighters. The following picture shows the firefighters inside the house with an ambient temperature  of 60ºC degrees.


This drill objective was to save dummies inside the house and exercises were made:

1º) They had to save the dummies without extinguish the fire. Only when all the “victims” were saved they put out the fire inside the house.

2º) After a pre-event briefing they started the second exercise- in this drill there were no dummies and the commander simulate to fell bad. All the firefighters pulled him out of the house, leading to a big effort.

The image below shows the heart rate variation during both exercises  and the skin temperature of one firefighter. As it can be seen high temperatures where felt in these professionals skin, being this type of systems ideal to prevent these type of situtations





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