Field Trials with ICNF 2018

During the summer of 2018, the VR2Market team has deployed the project technology on the field for some trials. The system was deployed within the “Associação Florestal de Entre o Douro e Tâmega” collecting more than 50 hours of data. The system was composed by the new environmental unit, named AmbiUnit (E.Spilmont et al., 2018) in development since summer 2017 (Fig.1), the physiological unit (VitalSticker) with better adaptations (Fig.2) and the smartphone with an aggregator android Application (WeSensor-Fig.3) to record data (including GPS) and send it in real time to the server for data visualization (Fig.4). The vehicle was also equipped with an environmental unit and GPS tracking. The following images show the overall system that was deployed.





Fig.1- AmbiUnit environmental prototype.





Fig.2- VitalSticker physiological prototype.






Fig.3- WeSensor Android application.









Fig.4- Example of the dashboard view.


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