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VR2 Market Conference 2016

The VR2 Market team organized the 4th Annual Meeting of the Center of Competence for Future Cities on 20th December, 2016 at FEUP, UP. This conference general team was “Towards Future Smarter Cities” and was attended by several top keynote speakers from different expertise areas.

Firefighters were monitored during a live-fire drill (October, 2016).

Five firefighters were continuously monitored during at least 2 hours while performing a live-fire drill. Environmental data was also collected. They were subjected to high temperatures inside a house, leading to a big effort from the firefighters. The following picture shows the firefighters inside the house with an ambient temperature  of 60ºC degrees. This drill objective was

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Data collection during fire season in Portugal (July – September).

VR2 MARKET team had collected data from 14 FF in the fire season in Portugal (July-September, 2016) including physiological, psychological and ambiance information. At least 20 hours of medical quality ECG data was collected for each participant during shifts involving critical incidents. The same participants performed the experimental study and provided baseline data collected during

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